HMO Advisory Services

We design health plans for companies & work closely with HR teams to optimize health care benefits for their employees thereby improving health outcomes.

We also advise companies on how to understand the complexities of health care delivery and managed care operations.

Health Insurance Advisory & Consultancy

Our team also designs & advises state governments on how to run state health insurance schemes and also community health insurance schemes.

Health Financing Advisory

We provide advice to clients who will like to invest in the health care sector e.g Building hospitals, Hospital takeover, HMO acquisition and start up

Hospital Management Services

We help hospitals implement strategies which use operating models that sustain improvements in quality of care and boost cost effectiveness.

We bring healthcare expertise and analytical skills to help hospital executives meet challenges such as improving customer satisfaction and containing costs

Healthcare Solutions

We help companies and health care organizations use technology to enhance analytic capability, increase operational transparency, improve healthcare delivery, expand access to health services, use resources more effectively and deliver better patient experiences.

Health Promotion Services

We provide health promotion services such as health talks and also conduct health fairs for our clients

Medical Screening

Our team conducts different health screening tests such as pre - employment test, food handlers’ test, health screening for drivers & domestic servants.

Medical Tourism

We facilitate international evacuation of patients to Asia, Europe, United States and South Africa and also facilitate local evacuation of patients within Nigeria