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About Asclepius Consulting

Our Company

The healthcare system in Africa is presently afflicted by serious challenges such as increased risk factors for health, unsustainable costs of care, lack of access to quality care, lack of medical equipment, low number of specialists and regulations that don’t keep up with technological advance and innovation.

Asclepius Consulting helps to provide tactical & technical solutions to some of these challenges and also helps to achieve better health outcomes at a lower cost. This goal is necessary as populations live longer and lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise while healthcare-related cost increases.

We deliver innovative solutions that address the healthcare needs of our clients and their employees.
We advise companies on how to optimize health benefits, reduce the health risks of their employees & also negotiate their premiums on their behalf.

We also provide comprehensive health management solutions which include wellness programs, case management and general medical advice.


To be the leading health consulting firm in Nigeria


To ensure quality & efficient health care for all our clients at reasonable costs

Our Values

Having built our reputation on trust, integrity, knowledge and the delivery of service excellence we have developed a proven track record to look after and advise our many clients on the complex subject of health insurance.

Honesty and integrity - Honesty and integrity are core values of our organisation.

Professionalism - We exercise care, responsibility, sound judgement and equality when carrying out our services.

Competence - We bring appropriate skills and capabilities to every client assignment.

Objectivity - We are objective in forming our professional opinions and the advice we give.

Confidentiality - We respect the confidentiality of information.

Customer Focus and Satisfaction - We believe listening to our clients requests and understanding their needs. We strive to exceed client expectations in affordability, quality and service.